How would you do box fill for FPL wires in junction boxes. I have FPL wire ran through multiple sections of EMT. And these pieces terminate at junction or device boxes. When the wire terminates or is spliced what do you count them as? they are all 18-2 FPL wire with a diameter of .146. Do you count the cable as two 18 awg conductors when terminated or spliced or do you count the cable as one conductor like a 10 awg wire which is the closest to that 18-2 wire diameter. Any help from the techs would be great, thanks.

As I was more a tech/programmer and not an installer, I’d always defer that to the electrician/contractor.

Found these which might help you out:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.ask-the-electrician.com/wire … l-box.html”>Electrical Code for Wire and Box Fill Capacity</LINK_TEXT>


<LINK_TEXT text=“2013 ~ Electrical Knowhow … -fill.html”>Electrical Boxes Volume and Fill Calculations ~ Electrical Knowhow</LINK_TEXT>