From a belly-up, broken modem to a busted hot water heater..

Two things have traumatized my father’s household for February alone, sad to say.

First, we recently had an AT&T 2Wire modem installed to replace an older 2Wire model which died on us a few weeks ago after I couldn’t access the internet (all the lights on the old 2Wire were pitch black, despite being plugged in). This modem was slower-than-average connection speeds and would drop out the connection from time to time, which really got to my nerves in no time at all. Our new modem promised better speeds, but it appears that it is having similar problems like the old one. Worse of all; after doing some online research about the new modem (all the while trying to bear with the occasional drop outs), the warranty lasts only one year, after which it could quickly go bad. The only plus side to this story is that we got it installed by AT&T without having to pay a penny for thought…

The second problem is that my father made a shocking discovery in the basement earlier today as our hot water tank has leaked, and now none of that flowing water everybody wants for showers can be reached. Because the leak is coming from deep within the bowels of this “cylinder-like powerhouse”, it has rendered any sort of repair useless, so now me and my father will go out with one of my uncle’s friends tomorrow in search for a replacement water heater. Although I did not anticipate the leak coming, it was likely not a big surprise; prior to this incident, getting hot water would often take a long time.

I feel bad for you, man. good luck.