Fulton–Montgomery Community College

A few vids taken by a friend of mine who attends this college. At first glance everything seems common, but upon further inspection, there’s some odd characteristics:

http://youtu.be/1KC9yOthw80 - in the library (Evans Library). In the very beginning you can hear U-MMTs and even see a U-MCS strobe. Towards the end, you can hear a higher pitched sound accompanying the U-MMTs. Those are ZNSs. They do sound in-sync with the U-MMTs, but I’ve been told that the ZNSs went off a few seconds before the U-MMTs did. I’ve also been told all the strobes are synced as well (which sort of intrigues me, because Wheelock strobes flash when the horns STOP sounding while the U-MMTs flash when they START sounding). You can also hear an MXL annunciator in alarm mode when he’s exiting the building.

http://youtu.be/wZ3ponYMxfI - the next day in the Phys Ed building. You’d think the alarms would be U-MMT horn/strobes, but at :19, not only do you see they’re seperate devices, but the strobe you see is a ZRS!

Very unusual as to how the college chooses to separate the horns and strobes in the second video.