Funny Fire Alarm Fail I found

It appears to be an Edwards 278B with the cover removed and a sign taped on it.

I wonder whose bright idea that was. :roll:

Although I have to admit; their work was pretty creative. Perhaps the 892B broke down or something? Of course, why couldn’t they just get a new horn/strobe to install…

Ah man, you beat me to posting his one!

I was suprized that they relized that the switch was the only thing that needed to be flipped in order to activate the alarm.

In a restaurant in D.C. there is an annunciater at the front door and the key is in the key switch and set to on. It also says the alarms are activated and silenced, but the strobes weren’t flashing. Also, the LCD is blank. The picture is to big to be uploaded.

You know you just woke up a 2-year-old thread, right?