Furniture obstructions - strobes and pulls

One of my mom’s friends owns a small business, and was looking to install a piece of furniture. The proposed location would be near a fire alarm strobe. What (if any) is the minimum distance from a fire alarm device that furniture can be installed?

I tried looking online, and the best thing thus far that I found was a quote of an annex of NFPA 72:

“In A. while dealing with larger and irregular areas, it give guidance on spacing that includes being sure that there are no dividers or partitions that will block the view of the light. It goes on to state that if there is the potential for blocking the light from the appliance with these items, that careful planning is needed “to make certain that at least one 15-cd appliance be installed…and that light from the appliance is not blocked”. One might construe this to apply to doors as well.”

So they should probably just consult the AHJ first, right?