Gamewell-branded Chevron

According to NewAgeServerAlarm these do exist but I couldn’t find a picture of one until now. If anyone else is interested in Chevron rebrands then you can pick one up right now (not affiliated).

I think that’s the pull station that gamewell used before the century

Great find! Yeah, Gamewell might have rebranded Faraday’s Chevron before they designed the Century (would had to have been quite a few decades back though considering how long I think the Century was produced for).

The century was released in 1962. So that chevron was probably used by gamewell co in the 40’s and 50’s

Yeah, since Gamewell’s been around since 1879 (where did you find that introduction date of 1962 though?).

Andrew Davis aka new age server alarm told me on Facebook

Really? Well what do you know…(love to know where he in turn found that out)

Gamewell is much older than 1879… that’s when the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co was incorporated, but John Gamewell had been manufacturing municipal fire alarm boxes since as far back as 1859. The company says they’ve been in business since 1852. If the latter is the case, and that’s where they place their start date, then the Century line actually celebrates the company’s decacentennial anniversary.


That’s why it’s called the “ century “ I’m guessing that the gamewell co celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 1961 or 1962

Oh, really? Had no idea. Clever idea with the Century’s name though.

Centennial = 100 years.
Decacentennial = 110 years.

I’m saying that if the company wanted to truly celebrate 100 years, they should’ve released it in 1952, not 1962.

For all we know maybe they actually did: the Century seems as much of a 50s-era device as a 60s-era device design-wise.

He’s been in the community for a long time. So he probably found that out from another collector or a former gamewell employee