Gamewell DS720 Datasheet?

I was looking through Gamewell’s pre-FCI merger site on, and noticed an institutional pull mentioned on their product page

yet not on their download page.

So I was wondering if anyone had any clue what the station is, or have the datasheet?

The only result for “gamewell” & “DS720” I could find via Google was this manual for the Honeywell 748LC; one page features a device with the model number of “DS720”, but it’s under “Bosch/Detection Systems” rather than Gamewell: Honeywell 748LC Product Manual (Page 22 of 23) | ManualsLib

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Unfortunately, we don’t know the model number, just the datasheet number

I spent time looking in every last place of the internet but could not find that data sheet… decided to reach out to Honeywell directly… I’m not sure that I’ll hear back, or that they even have it somewhere, but if I do I’ll let you know!

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As expected, Honeywell promptly dismissed my email and attempted to point me to a dealer… I’ll try to find another option…

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