Gamewell FCI 7100 Battery Fuse ratings

Hi there, I have a Gamewell 7100 FAP that during a battery failure, blew the battery fuse and initiated a trouble condition. Jumpering the fuse returns the system back to normal. The position of the fuse on the board doesn’t let me read the fuse ratings so I can replace it. Anybody know what this fuse rating and class is? All help is appreciated!

I would advise that you disconnect power from the unit and attempt to remove the fuse from the board and check the rating. If the fuse is soldered in, removing and replacing it may violate the panel’s UL listing, and you may need to replace the board in that case.

Thank you for your thoughts A_P. It’s an older 7100 that does have the fuse soldered in place. For simplicity I was thinking of just soldering a new fuse to the original undisturbed fuse left in place on the board. Otherwise, justifying paying over $1000 for a replacement board plus reprogramming v. a $5-$10 fuse is going to be a hard swallow for the property owner.