Gamewell FlexAlarm systems

I was wondering if anyone here knew about these old Gamewell fire alarm systems? I know Gamewell is famous for their city-wide fire alarm box systems, but I’m not sure when they began doing building fire alarm systems. I know one of their earliest building systems was the FlexAlarm series:

I believe the FlexAlarm series lasted from the 1950s until some time in the 1970s or 1980s. There were initially AC-only zoned systems (I think a coded version may have existed, but I am not sure), but later in the series’ life they made a DC version. I don’t think they had built-in trouble signals; they just used external trouble bells or chimes. Here are a couple of FlexAlarm panels:

(Four-zone AC FlexAlarm system, cira 1963.)

(Eight-zone DC FlexAlarm system, cira 1971.)

Early FlexAlarm systems used miniature versions of their classic street boxes for the pull stations:

Then in 1961 or 1962, they introduced their “Century” series of pull stations, which continued to be made until their unfortunate demise a while back.
As for signals, I’ve seen them use Federal Signal, Faraday and Benjamin horns, bells and whatnot.
In fact, I know this because the schools I attended for elementary (grades 1-6) and junior high both had Gamewell FlexAlarm systems (though the junior high is scheduled to upgrade next summer.)

Any comments?

Wow. Those panels look like something you’d see in Frankenstein’s lab!

Gamewell made building systems before the FlexAlarm series. Those street box-style non-coded stations date back to 1924. Before that, I’m not sure.