Gamewell IF632 lost password

Howdy folks, Google has brought me here more than once searching for an answer - so here’s a new question:

Have a Gamewell IF632 installed in a school, was called to add a few devices but cannot access level 4 to program. Levels 1,2,3 are the default but level 4 has been changed. We are the original installers but another company does monitoring and yearly inspections - they claim they haven’t changed the PW. Our typical PW’s do not work. We have contacted Gamewell and they say it’s possible to access, but need notarized documentation from several people before they’ll do anything, and with school about to start we’d like to try and get this done before having kids running around!

If anyone out there can help feel free to PM me as I’m aware of the rules for posting this sort of thing.


Whenever we take over a panel, we have to request a password of the day and it does require the paperwork, which is a pain, but it protects all involved. Are you a dealer?

No we are not a dealer which is why Gamewell won’t even talk to us. The school has done the paperwork and sent it out, Gamewell will walk the school official through the process of obtaining level 4 access. Was hoping to get everything wrapped up before school started but alas it’s not to be.