Gamewell M49-0 Key Switch

I recently purchased a Gamewell fire alarm lot that included three LEDs and a key switch.

A bit of an aside, I tried my CAT 60 key, but that didn’t work as the grooves are on the wrong side. My T45 key fit but weren’t keyed correctly, the PK625 key barely fit, and the A135 and 1393 keys wouldn’t fit. If anyone has an idea of what key would work, I would appreciate your suggestions

This seems like it goes under the help section

Nah, it was an addition, the main focus is the key switch

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I tried to look up that key switch on gamewells old pre-merger website on Wayback Machine. But I couldn’t find a data sheet for the aforementioned key switch

Does it work as a “jail pull station” or an elevator emergency return switch?

Its UL sticker lists it as a non-coded fire alarm box, so I’d assume it works as an institutional pull station

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Yeah. That key switch is gamewells version of a institutional pull station