Garage Door Openers

What kinds of garage door openers (ceiling-mounted in your garage, remote openers, wall openers, etc.) do you have in your house, if it has a garage? My mother’s house has a 1999 Craftsman garage door opener with a Sears/Craftsman wall opener. There is also a Craftsman keypad opener outside, and we have a LiftMaster remote opener, Craftsman remote opener, and a built-in opener inside my mother’s car.

At my father’s house, there is a very old opener; it is branded by EZ-Lift, which I believe was a division of the Stanley Works (the wall opener is similar to that of a Stanley), and was likely made in the early to mid 1970s. The opener is 1/3HP, has a thermal light delay (light comes on midway as the garage door opens/closes and shuts off quickly, compared to modern-day openers), and both openers are chain-driven. We also have a Multi-Code remote opener that came with the house.

My house has a Craftsman motor on the ceiling and keypad outside of the garage. This is all probably from around 1992/1993-ish when my house was built.

Does it have red text on the side, or more specifically, no light cover? I have seen houses on my street with openers like these.

There’s red text on the side and a light cover.

5 Lift Master Jackshaft oppeners. Keeps the opener away from the vehicle all together and leaves alot more space for a high vehicle.

Contact switches on the doors engage the garage lighting with a shutdown timer. Cool part… The doors close after a set amount of time so no leaving it open unless you tell it to.

Liftmaster slide gate opener

Keypad on the exterior gate as well as a Liftmaster Passport system

To be real honest…I have no idea. All I know is that its been in use for years. My house has been in the family since it was built and I can remember the same garage door opening system being in use since I was very young. I’m 20 now and we still use the same garage door opener. It hasn’t failed us yet!

I have 2 Liftmaster chain driven openers. I can’t get the exact model number right now because it seems like their website is down but I’ll get it ASAP. I’m not particularly a fan of them because they are kind of noisy but they are only about 6 years old or so. They were put in when my house was built.

EDIT: They are Model 3255 1/2 HP Chain Drive Openers. They’re generally installed by contractors which wouldn’t surprise me because they were put in when the house was built.

I have a 1/2 horsepower chain drive craftsman with helix spring assist (which has burst once). I really hate the screw drive openers, they are mostly low power, noisey loads of crud that break down after about 5 years.