GE Concord 4 - Random beeps

I have a GE Concord 4. I only use partition 1, no other partitions are programmed. Every once in a blue moon, it decides to beep. When it does, it’s always on the hour. The latest incident was at midnight on a Sunday (1/28/18) with a random standard beep.
First, let’s eliminate the first things that pop up in our heads.
-System is not armed
-No devices or sensors on any other partitions than P1
-Chime is off
-System has no troubles
-No sensors changed states
-No one disarmed
-No one pressed Status

Sometimes I get one set of trouble beeps, with no flashing star and the system says “System is OK” when status is checked. Most of the time I just get a single standard beep, like you would hear when the system is disarmed, the status is checked, a sensor closes with chime-on-close enabled, and the like. The beeps sound over the system speakers, keypads (I’m not sure if it sounds on keypads with status beeps disabled), and the interior siren output. I have a voice module but it doesn’t say anything when this occurs.

What could be causing this? Is it just a quirk?

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