GE Concord 4 Test

Whoops! I was planning on posting this a month ago, but I forgot.

Here is a short demonstration of my GE/Interlogix Concord 4 security system. This is about the extend of what I will show, because this is actually protecting us from burglars (will be hooked up to a dialer service sometime soon).


Sorry about the crappy audio. Does anybody know how to turn off the noise cancellation on the LG Nexus 5?

That phone actually is know to have microphone issues. Are you positive that it’s noise cancelation?

Well, I have had two of them and both do it. (First one kind of burned itself to the charger)

I don’t have any clarity problems while talking on the phone either. Perhaps I should try an aftermarket video recording app?

Idea: Try the YouTube Capture app.

Nice looking install!

That is not on Android. You upload them straight from the camera app.