GE Concord 4 - Trouble relay sensor group

I have trouble relays for a NAC extender that I want to monitor with my Concord 4. What sensor group can I use? I want trouble beeps to sound. What I want to do is to learn the zone as N/O (resistor in parallel, normally sees resistor, alarm on full-close, tamper on full-open), but wire it as N/C With the resistor in series, so the panel only sees the resistor, thinks the sensor is open, then when the relay opens, it opens the circuit and causes a tamper/trouble, instead of closing the zone and causing an alarm. I would prefer it if the keypads say Trouble instead of Tamper, but the only sensor group that I know of that displays Trouble in this condition is the fire group. Is there any way of making trouble beeps and displaying [SENSOR] TROUBLE without using the fire sensor group? As of now, I just wired up the relays as group 33 (wireless siren supervision) and programmed an output to sound a mini-horn when group 33 is in alarm. The reason I want to switch to trouble beeps is so that I know that the trouble beeps are “acknowledgeable” and restart after 24 hours.