GE Model SMK-6/M2 - Any Information?

I assume this post would belong in Help, but please let me know if it should go somewhere else.

So I recently bought a home that was built in 1970 and there is a fire alarm with the model number SMK-6/M2 that I believe has been here since the home was built. I searched online and couldn’t find ANY mention of this model number anywhere. I found SMK-6/M1 and that’s about the closest one I could find.

Just curious about it’s history.

Always slow to throw “old” things out on the off-chance that they’re a rarity for some reason and should be preserved, etc.

Here’s a photo of the model number, will post more photos of the inside/outside when I’m allowed to. From what I can tell, it looks similar to the /M1 model with the black piece and is powered by a 9V battery and super loud.

That is indeed a very old ionization smoke detector, most likely made back in the 1980s. Such old devices are definitely important to preserve.

Here are a couple more photos of it. I’m not a collector by any means. Is there a place on the site to post smoke detectors to see if anyone wants them? Would rather it go to someone that would appreciate it.

Another picture.

The only place I can think of would be the Flea Market section: Latest Flea Market topics - The Fire Panel Forums