GE TX-6010-01-1 supervised smoke/heat detector problem

I have this GE/ESL brand TX 6010-01-1 Wireless Supervised Smoke & Heat detector, and it is connected to my GE Concord 4 (I know it’s not listed on the compatibility list but it works just fine). Recently I got a new security system for my house so I moved the Concord 4 to my bedroom (geeks rule!) and I opened up the detector to clean it (sensitivity was 7) and accidentally ripped the sounder’s wire out. I re-soldered it and then I realized I ripped the cable to the Z-wave communication board. So 1.5 hours later I replace it with 6 wires and it works again. BUT! Problem: test button for 20 seconds doesn’t alarm the panel, and pressing test once shows sensitivity (normal) then the sounder makes the sound of a high pitched fly flying by and nothing. It’s supposed to do temporal from the sounder once and send an OK message to the panel. (Used to display “SMOKE DETECTOR IS OK”) Now it doesn’t do that. Before you say “Check the wires!”, I soldered each one, made sure they were not touching each other, and re-learned it with the panel. Trouble (tamper) and fire signals work, sounder works, but it doesn’t send an OK signal when tested. Nor does it send supervisory signals anymore, so I get supervisory troubles on my panel. What’s wrong?

If you’re using this for a life safety system, I would just replace the detector. Best if the replacement is listed compatible with the panel. If it’s a hobby system, all I can think of is to check for a bridged connection on the Z-wave or the sounder where you soldered it. If you have a multimeter, put it on continuity and check each connection. It might be bridged even though it doesn’t appear to be.

I’ve realized something! The Concord 4 has this red led that flashes when a z-wave device communicates with it. Using this, I’ve discovered that when I press the test button, it does in fact receive a signal, but it does nothing. No OK message, not even in sensor test. Though now it is sending trouble signals, which is apparently different from tamper.

Are there IC chips or transistors in the direct vicinity of your soldering work? These components are easily damaged by heat from the soldering iron, particularly if exposed for prolonged periods (such as when soldering many wires in the same location :frowning: ).

I randomly thought of something. You know those little orange diode-looking heat sensors (like in the system sensor i3)? My TX-6010-01-1 has two of these… I think it’s fixed and rate-of-rise… Would a component like this be permanently activated? It isn’t like an Edwards heat detector where it uses a button and it’d be permanently activated, but maybe this is what’s wrong. How do I test this tiny orange component (the size of a pencil’s point)? I have a multimeter but I have no knowledge of how this little component works… Btw detector still works but the Concord 4 constantly has that blinking asterisk, “SMOKE/HEAT DETECTOR SUPERVISORY”. At least it stopped doing trouble beeps…

These 2 orange components are what are called thermistors and are what are used in newer smoke/heat or heat detectors although some units still use the mechanical disk. You can test these by blowing hot air at it, you can usually use a blow dryer and it should work just fine. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that these are fully reusable and can’t be permanently activated unless damaged.