General Flea Market?

I had thought we had something like this, but it doesn’t seem like it.

This would work the same way as the Flea Market section but for anything other than fire alarms.

Maybe the existing Flea Market should just be expanded to include industrial electrical and equipment (maybe consumer electronics but that may be pushing it). That way, general electrical equipment can be listed there like relay boxes, vintage voltmeters, industrial signs, and other collectible stuff people on here may be interested in. Making it general to everything will take it way too far out of the scope of this site and just clog it up with junk.

TFP’s Industrial Surplus Flea Market

Has a nice ring to it.

+1 on limiting it to electrical and industrial equipment. General markets on previous FA forums were prone to spam and lots of unsold listings for crappy consumer electronics.

+1 for me as well.

I like this idea of expanding the flea market to include industrial and electrical equipment as well.