Gentex Commander 2 release date?

Anyone here know when the Gentex Commander 2 was released?

I know it was sometime before 2001 as that’s when many buildings at the Walt Disney World theme parks were upgraded, and Commander 2’s were installed in many buildings (on Siemens systems, oddly enough!).

I’m not sure either, but the Commander 2 I have is dated July 19th, 2000. (& uses jumpers, even though most Commander 2s I’ve seen have DIP switches instead) By comparison my Commander 3 is dated August 2nd, 2006, 2 of my Commander 1s are dated 2000, & the remaining Commander 1 is dated 2003. Back where me & my family used to live we’d often go to a Staples that had Commander 2s on a Silent Knight system. (not sure when it was built but just thought I’d mention that)

Just now I also noticed that 2 of my year 2000 Commanders (my Commander 2 horn/strobe & my Commander 1 remote strobe) are painted a brighter shade of red than the others, leading me to believe that Gentex changed the shade of red they painted their Commanders with around 2000, as all of my others are a darker red & made after 2000.

My school was built in 2001 with older commander 2s, so i could assume sometime around 2000-2001.

According to the Wayback Machine Gentex supposedly introduced the Commander 2 in 2000 (though there’s a big gap in the timeline of Gentex’s website between 1999 & 2000, so I can’t say for sure. 2000 seems likely though).