Gentex GOS Jumper Plugs

First off, I’m not quite sure if this should here or in the Flea Market section of the forum, so if any admins feel like this should belong to the Flea Market section, feel free to do so.

When I got my Gentex GOS back in 2010, I believe it only came with just one jumper plug. I’ve done countless searches on Google and eBay with no luck. I know I could use the jumpers that came with my SHG, but I’m personally not fond of that idea. What I can do is use one of the two jumper plugs that came with my Integrity horn/strobe since it’s not necessary for me to set it off on high volume. But even with that in mind, I would still need more jumper plugs for the GOS – I would need about 5 or 6 of them. Does anybody know where I can find such jumper plugs?

This is also why it hasn’t been in any of my videos lately (except one – just search “gentex gos” on my channel; it’s there – you may need to scroll down).

Do they look like these?

I may have some.

Are they identical to those on the SHG? I believe those are just standard 2.54 mm two pin jumpers. Anything you find at a electronics store matching that description should work.

Here’s some from the store I use: Mini Jumper 2.54mm Gold Plated Closed Cover

Beware, they have a minimum $5 order so might as well get other parts you might need.

Yeah, they’re more or less identical. As for obtaining more jumpers, I’ll consider it.

If you don’t want to purchase anything, and if you are just going to use the jumpers for the testing the tones and return them to the original devices when you are finished, you could borrow them from modern Wheelock appliance (AS, NS, etc.). They will still operate without any of them anyway, just on low volume and continuous.

Look for a VERY old computer motherboard in the trash somewhere. They often have several groups of about 3 or 4 jumpers each, you could use those. If not, look for old IDE hard drives and optical drives being thrown away and pull the jumpers off the back of those. I’ve got a small collection of jumpers because of this.