Geocaching: A new hobby!

Just yesterday, I decided to start a game called “geocaching”. It’s a game where you go around using GPS tools and geocache tracking apps to find boxes called geocaches. Some can be easy to find while others are harder to find.

Common cache types:

Traditional: These geocaches are the simplest ones to find. They are usually a hidden box that contain S.W.A.G (stuff that we all get) and a log where you can write the date and your nickname. Some are large while others are tiny and can be disguised as small objects like bolts and acorns.

Multi-cache: These are similar to traditional caches but the first few caches contain another location to go to. Only the final cache has the prize.

Mystery cache: These caches can only be found by solving a puzzle that gives the location when it’s solved. Usually the problems are hard to solve.

There are other cache types which you can learn about here: Geocaching > Getting Started with Geocaching > Geocache Types

Trackables: These are tags that are usually attached to something and travel from cache to cache. Usually, trackables have a location that they want to go to.

Page on trackables: Geocaching > Trackables

I’ve actually done my fair share of Geocaching. My area has been getting a lot of them recently. I’ve also done it when camping.

My favorite place by far that I’ve ever done Geocaching was in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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I always download the geocaches where they’re located before I go on camping trip as my grandparents love hunting for those. State and National parks are the best places to find such geocaches.


I LOVE Geocaching, and I am thinking about creating a fire alarm-related cache.

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Ive done a few geocache finds myself since I have a friend who likes to do them

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