Getting alarms from schools

Hi everybody.

If you have gotten free alarms from your school district, how did you? I am going to try and rescue the alarms from my school because they are supposed to renovate during summer. How did you go about contacting them? Did you say you were a collector?


I tried the same thing, but it didn’t work out too well.

A local middle school from the late 1920’s in my town was demolished last year I believe. Before it was, the school district had an open house day where the public could go in and purchase desks, chairs, etc. I didn’t attend, but I did call up someone in the district who said they could help me out in obtaining fire alarm parts from the building, since the district still owned the property.

When he emailed back, he let me know that the fire alarm parts were going to be reused in a different system, which really disappointed me.

I think you’ll have much higher chances of getting the parts if they are older. The system at the school was a Simplex 4100, so the old system was obviously replaced at some point.

Good luck!

Yeah, the system in my school is from the 90s. Non-Ada, can’t be reused.

I have , my school district passed a bond resolution to make the middle school I went to safer , so the construction company the school district hired , gutted out the library which is next to the front doors of the school , and turned it into the office, and in the process of that they replaced the old fire alarm system, and I got two of the devices, one is a old wheelock as ( which was in the gym) and the other device is a system sensor i3 ( which was either mounted on the ceiling of the cafeteria or the stage) .