Getting the lens off of a -9105

Is there a way to get the lens off of a Simplex 4904-9105 strobe assembly without breaking it? The inside of mine are dusty and I’d like to clean it out. If it can’t, what should I use? Compressed Air? Pipe cleaner?

Be really careful… xenon strobe tubes are very fragile. Do not use a pipe cleaner! You might damage the strobe tube or worse, crack it. Compressed air won’t work unless you can get the cover off carefully because I am guessing you’d be blowing the air in through a small hole but you’d probably be recirculating the dust since it does not seem to have anywhere to go. If you want to take the lens off, find all the points it is held on at and be very, very careful. Only pry one side at a time and in small increments-- you want to get the cover off as straight and as carefully as possible.