Gmail Finds TFP Mail as "Suspicious"

Ever since I changed my email address, I’ve noticed that the emails from TFP were marked as suspicious.

Originally, when I changed my email address, the “Reactivate your account” email was originally marked as spam automatically. I then marked it as “Not Spam,” and changed the Gmail filter that finds any emails from here (which I had already set to apply a label and other things) to not mark it as spam.

Unfortunately, though, even when I had a filter explicitly not to mark such messages as spam, in subsequent email notifications (there was some PM’ing involved) there would be a big red banner above the message that says this:

Below that message within the red banner, it gives me the option to report or ignore. Since the message came from here, I chose the latter.

The strange thing is: I’ve never had this problem when the emails were delivered to my previous email address, which was also Gmail.

I can totally see why Gmail would think that the emails coming from this forum would be considered suspicious, but, like I’ve said before, I find it strange that these emails would be considered spam (or suspicious if you have a filter to not mark incoming email messages that match certain criteria).

I would also like to point out that the email address I changed it to is a relatively new one, so maybe that’s the issue.

Has anyone had this issue before, even if you may not have a Gmail account? Any insight on this?

This should now be fixed. Previously, emails were coming from PHP mail, which does not go through a mail server. Now they should be going through an SMTP server that Google should find as trusted.