...Go together like PB&J

Okay… this should be interesting. Name two things related to fire alarms, and make it make sense when put in front of: …go together like PB&J.

I’ll start.
Fire Lite and System Sensor…

Gamewell and Wheelock

Simplex and Grinnell

Simplex and Wheelock

Notifier and Fire-Lite

BG-12 and Spectralert classic

Bosch/Radionics and SpectrAlert Classic

Gentex and Fire-Lite

Silent Knight and Wheelock

Gamewell and Edwards

Siemens and Faraday…
ESL and Sentrol…
ADT and Ademco…
(okay, I better not get carried away here!)

Aritech and ADT


ESL and GE

This should be in the sandbox.

It’s related to fire alarms so I don’t see the need for it to go into the sandbox.

Wheelock 7002T’s and Fire-Lite BG-10’s.

(In my experience, when I’ve seen a 7002T, it’s more often than not paired with a BG-10)

BG-10’s and… nothing.

LCD-40 annunciators and MS-9200 panels

I’ve seen that combination at the high school that I’m going to.

Simplex 2001 panel and 4050 horns

Simplex 4010 panel and 4030 voice evac extension

FCI pulls and Wheelock AS horn/strobes

That’s funny, I seem to notice the exact same thing. Just like I always see BG-12s with spectralerts.

I see a lot of BG-6’s with 7002’s.


Coded pull stations and addressable systems.

Edwards 270-SPO’s and Wheelock MT’s (classic).

Edwards 270-SPO’s and Wheelock AS’s.

Edwards 270-SPO’s and 892-1B’s

Simplex 4100U and TrueAlerts

Simplex 4003 and Speaker/Strobes

Simplex 4903 series signal + Simplex 4099 series T-Bar. I rarely see a Simplex notification devise without a Simplex pull station. I did once at a best buy see TrueAlert horn/strobes with a Fire Lite BG-12. Has anyone else seen a combo like that?

Actually, I think that 7002Ts and BG-8s go together more in my area… and BG-10s with the AS.

Faraday and 9838
(I agree with NewAgeServer about ESL and ADT)
wireless and Ademco
… I blanked out on any more…

Wheelock EHS horns on Simplex 4905+4904 retrofit plates go together like Peanut Butter and Guacamole.

Edwards 270-SPO and Edwards 10" Adaptabel- see this everywhere in my city.

National Time 620M pull stations and National Time 411F horns go together like turkey patties in whole-wheat hamburger buns. You can likely find a ton of these (though the 411F is your best bet) if you one day venture to Michigan and get lucky.