Good panels to start with

i’m starting out as a fire alarm collector and i am wondering if anybody has any good recommendations for a control panel to start out with.

Silent Knight’s SK-5208: conventional, 10 zones (can be expanded to a total of 30), 4 NACs, 4 relays, filtered DC output, add-on expansion boards, Amseco/Potter, Faraday, Gentex, System Sensor & Wheelock sync, & easy to wire & program (you don’t even need the software unless you want to define custom coding options or edit a few other features). Good luck finding one for an affordable price like I did though.

yeah prices for that panel are high for some reason but maybe i’ll get lucky one day

Well Keep looking. Maybe one day you could find a panel for a good price. I got a 4006 for $34.

I would personally recommend a Simplex 4001 if you can find one for a good price. Just a simple 4 zone conventional panel that is easy to use, and will easily power older mechanical horns, something that some newer panels struggle to do. It can also handle both 2 and 4 wire smokes, and the ability to change the signal coding with the flip of a switch.

Keep in mind however that if you don’t have batteries for the 4001 it will output FWR, which will make most alarms sound bad & eventually kill Simplex devices.

I suppose the 4001 is a good panel to start with, but not only will you not likely find it for much cheaper than most other small-medium-size conventional panels, compared to others like the SK-5208 & 4005 it’s got nothing in terms of features.