Good starter tablets?

Does anyone know of an under $200 starter tablet. I have never owned one, but have toyed around with them before. I really like the way the function! Does anyone know of any starter tablets? Here are my bare minimum requirements for the tablet:

  1. 7" screen (does not need to have a high resolution)
  2. Wifi capability
  3. RUNS ANDROID at lease 4.0 or higher (iPads are too expensive and are not as flexible as I’m looking)
  4. Front-facing camera (resolution does not matter)
  5. Skype/Google+ Hangouts capability
  6. $100 or lower
  7. 1GB of RAM
  8. 8GB of internal storage space with expansion capability

    I have looked at and found the EFUN Next7P12 for $70. Is it a good idea to spend my money on a tablet that cheap and hope it lasts at least a year with daily use? I take very good care of my devices, so it wouldn’t get abuse such as having junk piled on top of it, etc.

    Here is the link: (I’m not advertising. This is only so the tablet experts can take a look at the specs and see if it looks good)

    Thanks for any help!

Here is another tablet:

IdeaTab A1000

Here is a android tablet.