Got a new alarm today and a question

Well I was driving through the ghetto today and stopped at an estate sale and to my surprise, found a fire alarm new in box! I almost missed it but i managed to see something that looked like a strobe unit, and sure enough it was! It turned out to be a Gentex GXS-120-177WB. Its a Remote strobe that is 120 VAC @ 400 mA and is rated at a whopping 177 candella and has a huge capacitor to match, its so big that it sticks about an inch out the back.

My question, anyone else have luck finding alarms at garage sales, or was this just a rare lucky find?

Do you even know what a ghetto is?

I have done eBay searches of fire alarms and according to some of the descriptions, they did come from estate sales. Although, I think it may have just been pure luck.

Do I ever, I live in Houston, Texas!

Why don’t you explain…

Uggg…i dont want to rant on about how there are daily murders, gang wars, muggings, tagging, ect.

Ok… you live in a crime ridden shit hole… Not a ghetto.

Ahhh!! hahah I forgot about this song!

K, ill go ahead and let you change my opinion on what I live with every day when your on the other side of the world and cant see what its like here…Logic’s fine according to HAL

I have low income, crime ridden areas in my state to. I don’t call them the ghetto. When you link crime and the ghetto some might say that’s somewhat racist. A ghetto and crime well there may be a correlation are not the same.

I am not on the other side of the world by the way… How old are you? 14? 15? I don’t think you are qualified to speak on logic or philosophy.

“Logic’s fine according to HAL”

What? lool

A. I cant accurately describe what its like over here, its one of those things you have to see to understand.

B. You said you were in the UK, which is close to the other side of the world from my current location. And just how old do I have to be to understand or speak on simple logic?

C. Reference from 2001 : A Space Oddicy

I am British… I never ever said that I live full time in the UK.

I know exactly what you are talking about areas like that exist all over the country. You can not refer to a crime ridden area as a ghetto… That is beyond derogatory. You could say “crime is rampant in a Ghetto section of the city” but what you did is just ignorant.

I think you missunderstand me. The WHOLE CITY is like that.

I have only found one FA device @ a garage sale - a Wheelock 34T, which in fact was my first notification appliance. The sale was run by an electrician. I find smoke alarms much more often.

I assume by this you mean the consumer/residentual style, right?


I just recently got a white wheelock MIZ in my collection, which I had found at a thrift store. Plus it was priced at only 5 bucks, and it works well (I was thinking it would have been broken).