gray edwards adaptahorn.

Is it true that the gray ones aren’t fire alarms?

no that does not mean they arent fire alarms. Ive seen plenty of fire alarms that are
gray. the old adaptahorns are pretty much gray.


Adaptahorns for fire alarm use have always been red.

The only time you’d see a gray fire alarm is in the case of the Edwards 360 (pre-Adaptahorn) horns, which are gray and say “FIRE HORN” on the front.

I have seen gray Vibratones used as fire alarms before but these are extremely rare to see. I’d say it was the time period’s equivalent to white alarms.

the old est horns are 360s? ive always thought they were called adaptahorns.

He was clearly referring to a device that came before the adaptahorn.

But they still made grey AdaptaHorns for general signaling, right?

Yes, they did. They just weren’t used for fire alarms. The red ones were.

Out of my general curiousity, if the grey horns were never fire alarms, how come Ben has a picture of them on his fire alarm collection page? I apologize if i seem to be nitpicky, I was just curious.

I’m guessing just because he can, I mean people still collect it, even though its not really considered a fire alarm appliance. I have one of them in my collection, as well as a red one.

The red ones sort of sound like 892 horns in my opinion. Well the DC ones anyway.