Guess what I'm getting!

I’m getting a palm tree for my yard! This may not be a big deal for any of you southern folks, but here in MA this is pretty much unheard of. This is a pic of the type I’m getting:

It’s a “windmill palm” and they are actually very cold hardy. Due to my interest in plants, I figured my landscape wouldn’t be complete without a nice palm tree.

Very interesting! Palm trees have always been one of my favorite types of trees, and I enjoy seeing them when I go down south. The only palm trees I know of in MA are some small ones at the public gardens in Boston.

I can’t wait for it to get here. I bought it the other day, and it’s supposed to be a little seedling a few inches tall. It will be a few years before it looks like the one in the pic. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m planning on putting Christmas lights on it in the winter.

Wow…very unusual, but I think it will add a little flair to your house! My mother planted a few trees in front of my house not long after we moved in to our neighborhood in 2004.

I like unusual trees. I have 2 Ginkgos as well as a few Catalpas, too.

How does it fit in with the rest of your landscape?

Not too bad, actually. While I have a variety of trees, native and non-native, the area of the property where I’m planning on planting this palm already has some tropicals. I have created a micro-climate and this enables me to grow large elephant ears and cannas. I’m also planning to get some needle palms (which are more like large bushes rather than trees) to arrange around the windmill palm in a semi-circle, complete with mulch around the base. It will look like a nice little tropical niche.

Now all you need is to hold onto this weather :slight_smile:

I wish! I have been very content with the weather lately. It was 86’F today with humidity. Considering it is late September, this is a nice treat. I have my fingers crossed for another “winter” like the one we had in '06-'07.

I just bought a needle palm (hardy to -20’F), so my little project is underway. In the spring I’m planning on getting some Musa Banana trees just to add to the tropical feel. Now that I’ve been gardening for a number of years, I feel like I need to start with the more advanced stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: