Gutted Laptop-Anyone?

Hi, I have a laptop-a dell inspiron 13z to be exact. My friend gave it to me, as his mother got it from her work. My friend took all of the parts, and he gave me the case. Now, I am sitting here wondering, Can I do a project and make this work again? I want to see if I can get it to, I dont know, Have my Raspberry Pi in it running? What should I do? Here is a pic:

Usually when a computer is gutted it means the RAM, battery and the hard drive are gone.

Is everything gone from this “laptop” or just those components?

If not, you can buy replacement parts to get it working again.

Everything is gone…

Crazy, I mean what is the point of doing that to begin with? Now I could see taking out the hard drive and the RAM but why everything? lol

One thing you could do is cram a Raspberry Pi in there like you suggested BUT…

You will have to find several thing:

  1. What kind of data bus the keyboard and the trackpad use

  2. A VGA controller for that LCD – By itself it’s a bare panel, the computer’s motherboard has a controller to drive it, and without that, you’re out of luck.

Oh… Do you have suggestions for other things? I have some parts I could use but… well… Im broke… :?

Could always sell it on ebay for around $30

Errr… Anything else?

(Yes, I know, but I don’t want to sell a unit with potential.