Harrington fire alarm panel help

i have a Harrington signal Fire spy agent p110 addressable fire alarm control panel. Is there a way to do a factory reset on this panel because I am having trouble with the SLC loop card. It keeps saying a device is missing loop address 115 when I put a device in the loop that is 115 the device will blink indicated that it is recognized but the panel still indicates that it is missing. I have tried this with the two addressable devices that I have. Also the device does not alarm when activated. Do you think this is a problem with the individual devices or the panel itself. besides that everything else works on the panel. Thanks

Well first of all, what devices do you have for it? If they’re not listed for use with that panel, you can’t use them.

I am using a fire lite bg-12 addressable version and a fci amm-4 module which are both system sensor module products. The panels SLC is setup up for system sensor protocol. These devices have worked fine on the panel before.