Has anyone dreamed of fire alarms before?

Last night, I dreamed I was trying to place a string on the fence of the tennis court at my school with my coach. Then I accidentally pulled an FCI MS-6 that was on a backbox and the alarms went off. It was a great dream!

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I had a FA-related dream about 1 week before. It was so disturbing that I could still remember the details.
I dreamed that I was inspecting fire safety apparatuses in my school’s lab building, trying to measure the voltage of SLC bus via probing terminals on an addressable I/O module with a multimeter. The meter showed a reading of 24V, and after approximately half a minute, just when I was leaving, the whole FA system suddenly came up to live! Horn strobes were blasting a “whoop” signal, fireproof doors and fire curtains were closing, the utility power was cut automatically, and the elevators were shut down. Realizing I’ve run into a real trouble, I ran to the fire monitoring room to make necessary explanations, but then came a sudden loud puff noise and clouds of fume started to appear in the electrical room next door and then I realized that I’ve also ***king triggered the CO2 suppression system!!! Desperated! I’d certainly be in jail hours later!
Then the door of FACP room opened, coming out an attendant in his mid-fifties maybe. With several pushes on the control panel, the CO2 bottles stopped releasing. He hadn’t scolded me, but calmly told me that the reason everything got wrong was that I’d probed not across the SLC but across the input terminals of a thermo-detecting cable which was patched to the suppression system of the electrical room. He also said that the suppression system had already expired many years before, and the plan was that someone arriving the next day to remove the old system and re-install a brand-new Inergen one, and since I’d caused neither any trouble nor loss, he wouldn’t call the principal or dean or police or someone to give me a punishment.
Then suddenly I woke up. That’s it, quite disturbing, but not a bad ending.

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A couple years ago, I had a dream that I removed all the fire alarms from one of our schools for my collection (Simplex 2901-9838 on Simplex 2903-9001). That dream came true this past summer.

Once I dreamed about a simplex speaker strobe, that told me to get a cherry soda lol