Has anyone had a real fire alarm at school, in a store, ect?

My story
It was about 2:35 in the afternoon, everyone was chillin because school was going to be out in about 25 minutes, and then we heard the Wheelock 7002t-24s in the hallways start to roar, we went out and one of the people from the front office came out yelling into their radio “This is not a drill, evacuate the building” and there it was, smoke rising from the pre school. Turned out the kitchen was on fire in the pre school because the teachers went out with the kids for a project forgetting they left the burners on, and the fire department came and they extinguished the kitchen within a minute. Scary af tbh


Also I thought that the system wasn’t working because we hadn’t had a drill in forever, but that was 4 years ago so it’s prob working now

This story happened about 13 or 14 years ago when I was in 3rd grade. A rooftop A/C unit caught fire somehow, now I’m not sure if it was triggered by the duct detectors or if someone manually activated the alarms (Wheelock 7002T-24’s). So we start evacuating, as we’re doing so they announce over the loudspeaker that it is a code red, and that it’s not a drill, back then code red in our district was fire. We walked to the other elementary school across the street since it was raining that day, and sat in the gym for a while. I don’t know if the fire department responded or not, but we were led back after a few hours. The 2nd floor where my classroom was smelled like burnt electrical for a few days afterwards. I’ve got more stories involving fires in our school district but this is the only one I’ve experienced, I’ll share them if people want them.

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