Has anyone heard of a mbg-12l

Somebody made a community post on their YouTube channel showing off their notifier “ mbg-12l”. I left a comment correcting them but they said it was a mbg-12l. I have never heard of this device before.

it’s called an NBG-12, its a Notifier rebrand of the FireLite BG12, the NBG12LX uses FlashScan instead of LiteSpeed

I know that , the person I talked to on YouTube said it was an mbg-12l

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Going by what Google says there is no such device, unless they mean the Draper MBG-12L, which is a mop bucket.

Do you want to see the post

That would probably be helpful

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Ok here it is

What’s the second image?

The second image is this:

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it’s still an NBG12L they mistyped it

Here is the comments:

It’s an nbg12-l and they just mistyped it. The m and n keys are so damn close. It’s even easier to mistype on a phone

Oh ok . Now I just realized why the person told me it was a mbg-12

That could be the case, however they didn’t go “oh my bad,” they just reiterated what they originally said

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Yeah. That is what drove me to make this topic

Well I have an shg with ink that smeared so it looks like it says “8hg”. The eBay listing even said 8hg, so it could have been a factory defect too. As far as I know, there’s no existence of an mbg12-l