Has anyone seen new old stock devices on a system

At my old primary school, there was an addition built in 2004 with Wheelock MT-24-WM outdoor horn strobes (despite being discontinued for the newer horizontal strobe MTs years before the expansion was put in). I want to know if anyone has ever seen any new old stock devices being used in newer system setups.

My high school. When they put a fire door up in the middle of the freshman wing, they used 9838 horns on 4903-9101 strobe plates on either side of the fire door which I feel was overkill because there were alarms a few feet from the doors anyway.

Also, after I graduated they removed the two 2DCD horns on AV32 flashers and replaced them with Siemens U-MMT horn/strobes despite the fact that Wheelock had them court-ordered to stop producing devices until 2015 and this was in 2012. I assume it was new old stock but it was kind of strange.

While not really new old stock since they were still being made, at the same time they put TrueAlerts in the bathrooms. Horn/strobes in the hallway bathrooms and remote strobes in classrooms that had bathrooms (which were usually shop classrooms since this is a career and technical high school).

Sorry for the thread bump, but this has been done at my college! Largely in the Student Center. In 2006-2009, many of the old Standard Electric Time horn/lights had the original incandescent light replaced with a 90s Faraday MTL-style single-gang remote strobe as an attempt to make them ADA-compliant. Also in 2007, three of the horn/lights were replaced with Faraday U-HN-MCS horn/strobes, shortly after they had been discontinued due to the Wheelock lawsuit. In early 2009, a SpectrAlert Classic horn/strobe in a computer lab was replaced with a Faraday U-MMT horn/strobe. Then in early 2010, one of the Standard horns with Faraday strobe failed and was replaced with another U-MMT! The building has had some renovations since them, so many of those instances were taken out, but we still have some Faraday MTL-style strobes and U-HN-MCS horn/strobes in use!