Has the fire alarm ever gone off when you were staring at an NA?

It happened to me once. I was in a building staring at one of the NAs (a Wheelock NS) and the building’s fire alarm system happened to sound while I was looking at the NA.

It happened once at my mom’s church, probably around 10 years ago. I was talking to one of her friends, and I looked over at the 2903-9101 + 2901-9838 combo in the corner of my field of vision, and it went off (in continuous). Turned out one of the younger kids pulled the alarm.

Also, I frequently keep one eye on the NA if I know there’s going to be a fire drill.

Yes. I once stared at a Klaxon Sonos sounder, this thing went off right two seconds after, saying it made me jump would be the world’s biggest understatement.

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I had that happen once at a Walmart when I noticed one of the ceiling mount Spectralert Classic strobes was burnt out. Then the alarms went off while I was unaware that I was standing under a horn strobe…

This was probably '07 or '08, but way back in Pre-K I was right under a Wheelock RSSP with one of those 10" bells, and as I was staring at it - it went off, in continuous!

Yes… except I knew it was going to happen, and I was recording it. Does that count?
(Available in stunning, lifelike 4K/60FPS! It’s like you’re really there.)

No, but one day, I was right next to the 2903-9101+2901-9806 right outside the exercise room, with it to the left-hand-side and it suddenly sounded! I think I got startled! There wasn’t a pull station next to it. Only a horn/strobe in a narrow section, where it inclines to the door of the exercise room.

Back in school, I knew when the fire drills were supposed to happen so I watch those SpectrAlert Classics very closely and cover myself before it starts.

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The one I just talked about, was the same building that has the gym.
By 2000, IIRC, someone apparently wanted to just have a strobe, pretty much! Because the early-SpectrAlert was so quiet, lol. This is the same gym, where on the other end, by the exit doors, a Wheelock MT got installed.
Even a sickly 2901-9833 probably is louder than that one! (the SpectrAlert that was installed in the gym)

Yes, I was bored in class so I looked up at the SpectrAlert Advance speaker-strobe on the ceiling and it started going off.

I was once standing right in front of our school’s fire alarm panel when it went off. One student pushed another and he hit a call point with his elbow and activated it.

One time in third grade, I really wasn’t paying attention because I was distracted by the fire alarm. TrueAlert Ceiling Addressable horn strobe, and I was watching the light blink.
4100u with a horn delay of about 4 seconds, and I see the strobe flashing and I’m just plugging my ears. Everyone looks at me and then the horn blasts and then they start doing the same thing.

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