Have you ever gone in a store when the fire alarm panel was beeping?

Have you ever gone in a store (or other building) when the fire alarm panel was beeping? I was walking into Walmart the other day ago and the Radionics fire alarm panel at the grocery entrance was beeping.

I was staying in a hotel/resort near Tomah, WI several years ago and when we walked into the front lobby the Notifier annuciator was chirping. It wasn’t full-out beeping because the point disable was already acknowledged, but just at quick enough intervals to be noticed. I thought it was rather interesting.

Andrew, with your experience with Notifer can you shed some light on what exactly this message indicates?

It seems to me as if 32 devices have been disabled, as inferred by the “DISABLE: 32” on the display and the Point Disable LED being illuminated. :wink:

I was at the local Panera here in Stillwater the other day and I noticed the SK annunciator (probably tied to a 5600 or 5700) was beeping every five seconds or so. It didn’t display the specifics of the trouble since you had to press a key on the keypad to do that and I didn’t want to look suspect. Interestingly, the system had red Potter ceiling-mount Select-a-Strobe/Horns, which until now I’ve never seen in a real installation.

I figured that part out, haha. I was more referring to the technical information above the time stamp, the zone listings and strobe ckt. I don’t know enough about how these Notfier systems operate to make an assumption how those two designations are related.

“FCM Room 210” - More likely Room 210 is an ADA room and has strobes (or horn strobes) in it. A lot of hotels will have a handful of ADA rooms and the notification in those rooms will be controlled via a module rather than tap into the regular bell circuit. The “FCM” is referring to a Notifier FCM-1 Control Module which is firing off the strobe - L2M93 to be exact.

“Zone 099” is referring to a software zone, not a physical “zone” on the panel. I would say at this hotel, Zone 99 is the general or an audible alarm zone. Disabling Zone 99 and you can bypass all notification devices within the building. The local installer in my area tended to use Zone 88 for this, occasionally Zone 1.

My hope is that they had the system disabled for testing or servicing for that afternoon only. If they had the system disabled overnight a call to the local AHJ may be in order!

Thanks for the explanation. According to the timestamps this condition had already been in the system for 5 days (JUN 28 - JUL 3) when I took the picture. I believe it had been cleared before we left a few days later.

I was at a Wal-Mart once when their Siemens MXL-IQ was in trouble. Strangely, from the time we walked in to the time we left about an hour later, they hadn’t silenced the trouble buzzer!

A few weeks ago, we were there when there was a supervisory condition, but this time it had been acknowledged.

I’ve seen a similar trouble condition on an NFS-3030 system at a local parkade. It’s quite hard to see in the picture due to the blurriness, but the panel’s screen indicates “2 DIS L-1 AT STAIR J GA KEY SWITCH” and “3 DIS L-1 AT STAIR J MANUAL PULL”.

On a separate note, one of the 4100ES InfoAlarm systems at my university seems to display a trouble regularly, beeping quite loudly. This wasn’t the case today, but I’m sure it will have a new trouble condition next time I’m on campus!