Have you ever known someone that you knew pulled the fire alarm at school?

Have you ever known someone that you knew pulled the fire alarm at school falsely? I had a classmate who pulled the fire alarm.

Nope. Anybody that ever pulled it in elementary or middle school was somebody I didn’t even know.

In high school, if whole shops count, then that is a different story. I knew some people in culinary and electrical in those shop that accidentally activated smoke detectors (since all Simplex pulls had stopper covers on them. The Edwards pull in the modular building didn’t but nobody ever pulled it in there)

And of the two times it went off when I was in college (which was my first experience with speakers/strobes), somebody in the faculty lounge probably burned something.

I know two people who have accidentally activated a pull station (both in the gym), but never anybody who has done it intentionally.

As a note, out of respect for privacy, let’s refrain from dropping any real names in this topic. Thanks! :smiley:

Yeah I’m not asking for any names, nor am I giving any.

I pulled the fire alarm at my mom’s work once when I was three… the pull station was a Simplex 4099. I don’t remember pulling it, but I’m sure I enjoyed myself :lol: .

Same. I have had numerous false alarms before, one in my middle school which required us to leave and the fire department showed up (an EST SIGA smoke detector malfunctioned which caused the alarm to go off). But I have never known anybody that would do that though.

When I was in high school our principal once held the entire school (massive size school) until someone snitched. Come 16:30 or so, they did. She had the PD at the front of the school waiting.

Once in high school this guy pulled the fire alarm on the west wing {next to the cafe:)} It as crazy :smiley: :smiley:

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At the Vermont Achievement Center, in Rutland, Vermont, it’s mainly a special needs small campus and also regular residential units with mostly special-needs students. A girl pulled an FCi MS-2 pull station. (The residential unit next to the school)

I happen to know two people who pulled the fire alarm under false impression. Both pulled it in kindergarten.

Someone just last Wednesday pulled the alarm at my high school. They pulled it during the afternoon announcements, just two minutes before the bell rings. “…Thank you, and have a great rest of the Fire alarm sounds off evening.” I was literally walking down the hall, twenty feet from the exit. Seniors get to leave three minutes before the underclassmen, so it was likely a senior. Pulled a pull station near the library, as I’m told. I wasn’t even shaken by the alarm. SpectrAlerts on low volume just don’t startle me. But I bet everyone above the basement got it good with Advances in their faces. The fire department never showed up, so that might be concerning.

Update: as it turns out, the alarm was an accident. Someone was leaning on the pull and it activated. BG-10’s and their huge “dual-action” handles. “PUSH IN THEN PULL DOWN” more like “PULL DOWN”. Has anyone ever heard of a T-Bar being accidentally activated?

Are they gonna face charges fo accidentally pulling the alarm?

It was a genuine accident, so I’m assuming that no disciplinary actions or charges took place.