Have you ever seen a pull station mounted high up?

I went to a foot doctor’s office yesterday that at the entrance had an Edwards pull station with screwdriver reset mounted high up about as high as NAs typically are mounted. It said on the top “local alarm”. The doctor’s office had no visible NAs. The pull station must be really old and have been installed before ADA requirements that pull stations have to be mounted low enough so that someone in a wheelchair can reach them.

That is the first time I remember actually seeing a pull station mounted that high up.

Do you have the picture of it?

Here’s one from a retrofit, granted there was stairs before to get onto the roof but even then I still think it’s way too high. I’m just over 6ft and I was at eye level with it! You can see the horn mounted nearby for reference.

One of the highest-mounted pull stations I’ve seen is the Simplex T-bar pictured below. I can’t really estimate the height of the pull station in relation to the floor, but as evidenced by the photo, the top of the 4251-20 is pretty much at the same level as the bottom edge of the bell. These devices were installed in the early '70s.

When they upgrade the system, new boxes will have to be installed that are mounted Lower.

That foot doctor’s office I went to had no clear fire alarm system. Just a pull station mounted high up at the entrance. No visible NAs, smoke or heat detectors and no sprinkler system.

I’ve seen multiple systems (mainly in upper Wisconsin) where theres just been a pull station and nothing else. Do they trigger some voice communication in the main speakers or just call the fire department without notification?

I once saw a post about such a system. It had bells… but they were ABOVE THE CEILING TILES.

I was in a skyscraper once, and there were pull stations on the top floor.

In all seriousness, I can’t remember the last time I saw a high pull station. But I know that Tunxis still has trim plates left over from when their chevrons and T-bars were mounted higher up.

Also, would a normal-height person be able to reach that pull station in the picture with the bell? Or would they have to hop? Because that looks ridiculous, even by older standards.

When I went of my vacation and I stayed for 2 nights at a North Myrtle Beach so I could go and see the sights with my family when we drove to ACTUAL Myrtle Beach, the hotel we stayed at was a Best Western. The original 3 story building had Simplex 4051 horns behind grilles and the pull stations were mounted EYE-LEVEL with me. :shock: The newer buildings had Edward Genesis speaker/strobes and the pull stations were mounted at a normal level.