Have you seen these alert strobes before?

Have you seen these blue LED Wheelock alert strobes in public before?

(Model LSTW3-ALB)

The image doesn’t seem to be displaying correctly.

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It should be showing now. I included the model number incase it doesn’t.

Alright. No, can’t say I’ve seen one of those, though I believe the standard lens color for “ALERT”-lettering devices is amber. Not sure what blue would be used for. Have you seen at least one in public?

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No I have not. That is why I was asking if anyone else has seen them before. Quite interesting. I’ve had this device for a little over a year now and have never seen it before.

It’s highly unlikely that such a device would be seen in public or used in an actual system, given the aforementioned non-matching lens color & lettering.

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Yeah. I asked someone from Wheelock about it a while ago and they said they designed it for a active shooter or lockdown situation.

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Yeah I believe it’s common to use blue-lens devices as lockdown alarms in schools & other places.

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Yes, NICSSYSTEMSANDELECTRIC in his garage has one of those for a carbon monoxide alert

Mhm, the ones his setup has have amber lenses & custom “CARBON MONOXIDE” labels though (the covers on them are blank & he printed out said labels for them).

Only if commercial buildings like hotels had those systems that activated the custom strobes and custom audible alarms that warned about the carbon monoxide
It would save many lives

Carbon monoxide’s a fairly recently-considered hazard in the industry, that’s why CO warning isn’t a thing on most systems (also compared to residential homes I doubt CO takes as many lives as fire does in commercial buildings).

Yep, newer detectors have been implementing CO sensors. Likely due to the fact that CO can’t spread through a commercial building as fast as it can in a home.

Exactly, plus the fact that commercial buildings likely don’t have that many sources of carbon monoxide compared to homes.