Have you seen these alert strobes before?

Have you seen these blue LED Wheelock alert strobes in public before?

(Model LSTW3-ALB)

The image doesn’t seem to be displaying correctly.

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It should be showing now. I included the model number incase it doesn’t.

Alright. No, can’t say I’ve seen one of those, though I believe the standard lens color for “ALERT”-lettering devices is amber. Not sure what blue would be used for. Have you seen at least one in public?

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No I have not. That is why I was asking if anyone else has seen them before. Quite interesting. I’ve had this device for a little over a year now and have never seen it before.

It’s highly unlikely that such a device would be seen in public or used in an actual system, given the aforementioned non-matching lens color & lettering.

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Yeah. I asked someone from Wheelock about it a while ago and they said they designed it for a active shooter or lockdown situation.

Yeah I believe it’s common to use blue-lens devices as lockdown alarms in schools & other places.

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