Heat detector - not a life safety device

There is a certain Edwards model of heat detector where it says this on the detector. “Heat detector - not a life safety device”

Is this a question or a comment?

This topic was covered before, but in summary:

Heat detectors are designed to respond to high levels of heat characteristic with a rip-roaring fire. Unfortunately this means the conditions may not be suitable for escaping the fire. Smoke detectors are life safety devices because they go off early enough to give people a chance of escaping the building before it is too late. Therefore, heat detectors are more intended as property protection than life safety.

I was once at someone’s house and they had an Edwards heat detector on ceiling with a circle in the middle of the detector that said “heat detector not a life safety device” on it in the kitchen. As far as I know, those heat detectors don’t make any audible sound from the detector itself, so I am guessing it was wired to the smoke detector in the house and would trip it if activated.

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After doing some reading it turns out I was wrong. That heat detector in the kitchen of the house I was at was likely wired not to the smoke detector, but to the burglar alarm and would trip a signal from it when activated.