Hello, SAFETECH here from YouTube. Glad to finally be in this forum. Looking forward to learning new things and helping others do likewise. Feel free to reach out with any questions, etc.

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Glad you’re here. Love your testing videos.

Me too! My school has all Simplex stuff, although the original system was IBM.

Well I think Simplex bought IBM’s Fire Alarm IP rights so technically they were Simplex devices… :stuck_out_tongue:

Simplex Time Recorder Co. (STR) purchased the Time Recording Division of International Business Machines in 1958. Along with the industrial division (payroll clocks) came the Institutional Division (master clock systems and fire alarm systems). At that purchase Simplex Time Recorder owned all those IBM products and manufacturing rights to them. Simplex did have a master clock system prior to purchasing the IBM division but did not have fire alarms that I know of. The majority of the IBM employees in the time recording division transferred to Simplex. Service on all those products was then done by Simplex.

Yeah the original time system was Simplex and the pull stations (4251 series Chevrons) said Simplex in the original section of the building (1951). However bells in this section read IBM. I have a feeling there was no original fire alarm system until at least 7 years after the building was completed; however all conclusive evidence points to IBM.

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