Help Identify Bell System Device

I’m trying to gather any information available on this Bell System device (chime/bell/?). I would like to test it, but am not sure of the input voltage.
The overall length is approximately 18". The wooden box is 10-3/4" Tall X 11-1/2" Wide X 3" Deep.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I dont have any idea about it.

“Bell System” was a part of Wheelock. The giant wooden box is there for acoustics.

That looks like a central office alarm sounder. Look at Connections Museum on youtube, they have a video about different alarms in a central office.

Are you sure? In any context I’ve seen, “Bell System” usually refers to the Bell Telephone System, what is now modern AT&T.

Yeah, those are most likely not wheelock. They might be, but I am going to assume that those are from WestEl.