Help Me Find The Model of this Panel

I need some help identifying this panel. The panel is a Notifier addressable panel, with at least two loops, and at least 500 devices on each loop. the smokes are Notifier FSP-851’s and the pulls are Notifier NBG12-LX’s. the signals are SpectrAlert Advances, and there are two FDU-80 annunciators in this building. Please help!

Do you have a description of what the panel looks like? the detectors and NAs and pull stations could work on any modern honeywell systems but the annunciator might come down to a few results.

The annunciators look like this:

and I am 100% sure that it is an Notifier system because of the Notifier branded annunciator and pull stations (Addressable BG12)

Could a 640 have two loops?
that could be the panel

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Those annunciators work on the FireWarden-100-2, NFS2-640, and NFS-320

There are around 500 devices on each loop, and there are two loops

Did you count all of the devices?

There are at least 300 devices on each loop. And there are two loops on the panel.

Ok its an nfs-640 then

Thanks for your help!

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they work on the 3030 as well.

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I don’t think that there are over 600 devices on each loop, so not a 3030

That’s not how that works, each LCM-320 can do about 320 points give or take. A LEM-320 goes on top of the LCM for an addition give or take 320 points. The 3030 supports up to 10 total loops so 5 LCMs and 5 LEMs. No notifier panel can do more than 600 per LCM/LEM combo. The NFS-320, NFS-640, NFS-3030, NFS2-640, and NFS2-3030 all do 320 points per LCM or LEM.

NFS-320 is single loop only
NFS/NFS2-640 is single loop (LEM-320 can be added for an additional loop)
NFS/NFS2-3030 Have no loops built in but like I stated above can have up to 5 LCM-320 (Loop Control Module, iirc) and up to 5 LEM-320 (Loop Expansion Module) can be installed.
The LEM-320 mounts on top of an LCM-320 or the 640’s built in loop (integrated LCM-320)

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