Help needed for Simplex 2098-9603 Smoke/Heat

I recently got a Simplex 2098-9603 smoke/heat detector combo. I hooked it up to my Simplex 4001 to test it, but it doesn’t seem to communicate with the panel. The LED on the base doesn’t flash every couple of seconds, and the magnet test doesn’t do anything either. So I guess what I’m trying to find out is how it should work, is it a 4 wire detector, does the magnet test not work on this model, or does it just seem dead, or would I just have to test it with smoke? I tried looking for a datasheet on this model but I couldn’t find anything, so any guidance would be much appreciated.

It just so happens that I have two of that exact model, & from what I’ve observed it seems that the LED doesn’t flash to indicate power & that the detector doesn’t have a magnet test function either. It seems you need to test it with smoke, like Smoke Sabre for example (which is what I use). The 2098-9603 is a two-wire detector: two wires supply power to the detector via terminals “C” & “L2”, & two more wires transfer power to the next detector via terminals “L3” & “L4” (if the detector is being used with a 2098-9528 base).

I kinda figured I would have to use smoke to test this one, now I’ll have to get some since I also have over 30 FCI SBS-1201 smokes to test. Thanks for the help.

I recommend Smoke Sabre due to its numerous advantages over other testing sprays: Welcome - Smoke Sabre Smoke Detector Tester

You are most welcome, glad I could help :smiley: