Help on Simplex 4100ES

My company has installed 5 4100es panels along with a graphics installed on a pc in ring topology. It currently shows the following troubles:-

  1. UL I/O card missing
  2. Common point trouble at node 1 to 6 (i.e. at all nodes on the network).

    Does anyone know what the solution could be? Also has anyone faced this before? Thanks.

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Unfortunately we don’t have many users who have experience in high-end networked Simplex systems like the 4100ES.

This forum is more meant for collectors and enthusiasts than for professionals.

I’d recommend you go to our sister forum, and re-post your question there. That forum is only for industry professionals, technicians, and collectors who are extremely knowledgeable.



It sounds like it’s a trouble on the TSW, or the graphic computer. UL I/O card is installed within the TSW (graphic system). Which makes sense because all the nodes report to the TSW, therefore sending a common node trouble to all fire panels, that have points networked across. Generally a warm reset, there should be a key, to reset, if the UL I/O card doesn’t come back online, there’s a good possibility the card needs to be troubleshooted further. Through my experience in Chicago, we rarely use the I/O’s.

I allowed that response even though the topic is old. It adds some good information.

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