Help with panels what's a good first panel

I need the firepanels help finding an cheap under 150 dollar panel including shipping. The DIY frendly panel form doesn’t have enough details for me. Just look on ebay only.



Well, I suppose I could give you a few details on some panels. Keep in mind, you’re not gonna find a lot under $150 unless you’re lucky. It happens, but not very often.

I would recommend conventional panels first. They are zone based and any conventional device save for certain two-wire smoke detectors will work on a conventional system.

The Fire-Lite MS-2 is a two-zone, one-NAC conventional panel that has two initiating device circuit and one signal circuit. That means you’ll either have to use two-wire signals or wire your four-wire signal in parallel. It puts out Full Wave Rectified current, which will destroy all newer Simplex signals. Remember, Rectified will wreck your Simplex stuff. These run for about $100-$150 used, before shipping.

The MS-4 is similar to the MS-2 but it adds two additional zones and an additional NAC. It still puts out FWR, so be careful. Programming on the MS-2 and MS-4 are both done via DIP switches on the panel’s main board. These usually run for more, about $150-$200.

The MS-5UD is more complex. It has five zones, four NACs, and is programmed either via the front keypad (menu-based) or RS-232 port (with PSTools software.) The standard model puts out FWR but the MS-5UD7 has a more powerful 7-amp power supply that puts out Filtered DC. These run for around $200-$250.

I wouldn’t recommend addressable panels for a first panel if you don’t absolutely know what you’re doing.

Keep in mind that I am not a tech, I do not claim to be a tech, nor do I own any panels. I just know about them. Take either Andrew’s or Destin’s advice over mine. They know way more than I do.

Netscape’s advice is solid. I’d also recommend reading <URL url="So you want to buy a FACP...]So You Want to Buy a FACP[/url] if you haven’t already.