Help with recent fire alarm buy on eBay

So, I don’t if this is the right place to talk about this, but if not, you can move this mods :wink:

Anyway, I recent purchased another (yes, another) FCI MS-2 last week. It’s actually brand-new, and from the pictures it looks great! The problem is eBay is saying it hasn’t even been shipped out to me yet, and the estimated delivery is from Monday, April 23 (2 days ago) till Tuesday, May 1 (6 days from now). Personally, with others eBay sellers, they would’ve ALREADY shipped the certain alarm by now, but honestly I don’t want to sound needy or anywhere near greedy :wink:. I’m not that type lol

So my question is should I continue to wait? Or should I contact the seller about whether he’ll ship it soon or at all that is? I’m really asking mainly for opinions and for you guys with experience with this kind of situation.



Wait it out until the delivery window passes. It’s possible the item hasn’t been shipped, but the seller never updated the shooing status on eBay.

Contacting the seller with keywords such as “I didn’t receive the item” will automatically attempt to open an Item not Received case, and eBay will ask you to wait until after the delivery window to pursue the case anyways.

That’s exactly what I was thinking :wink:. That sounds like a good idea because one, it would help to not get into a conflict with the seller potentially, and two, because of what you said. Maybe he didn’t update the shipping status or some sort of hick up happened with eBay and will be resolve eventually.

Now when it does pass the shipping date, should I click on the “I didn’t receive my item” button? This is under the More Action > I didn’t receive item.

That’s up to you. Your first option is to just send the seller a regular message with the “Other/Questions Regarding Item” choice on the “Contact Seller” page. This will open a conversation between you and the seller to discuss the shipping status, without involving eBay. You can always escalate with eBay if the seller is uncooperative.

The other option is to click on the “I didn’t receive my item” button as you mentioned. This will automatically open a case against the seller by eBay. The seller then has an opportunity to respond with a new shipment or a refund within a few days. Otherwise, eBay will escalate the case to an automatic refund to your account and a transaction defect strike on the seller’s account.

That is a very helpful opinion :slight_smile:. I’ll probably start with what you said (the friendly message to the seller). And if that doesn’t work or like you said, the seller is uncooperative, I’ll probably go with Method #2.

Thanks for all your help :wink: