Help with Simplex 4906 9251 Speaker/Strobe

Hi, I hope someone can help me with my inquiry. :?

I have a Simplex Front Panel 4010, and I would like to include 5 units of Simplex 4906 9251 on my system but the problem is that I can’t make it work. I already followed what is in the manual and diagrams but every time I test the system all it give is a clicking noise, I was hoping it will do the evacuation announcement.

My system is only class B, I’ve terminated the Speaker to the NAC 1 block and the Strobe to the loop in the IDNET. Is this correct? I am sorry for the trouble. And I want to that you all in advance for any help I can get. :slight_smile:

Thank you, The Fire Panel Forums

The Simplex 4906-9251 is a speaker/strobe, so it requires a separate audio circuit for it to work. The NACs on fire alarm panels supply 24VDC and do not supply an audio signal. A speaker/strobe does not have a built in message generator, all sounds and messages originate from a voice-evacuation panel, much like a speaker set connects to a computer. So, a speaker/strobe cannot sound without an audio circuit. The click you hear is the speaker coil being energized when the NAC power is applied to the device. Unlike many of the 4100 series of Simplex panels, the 4010 does not have an internal audio amplifier, so a separate voice evacuation panel, such as the 4003, will be required. The strobe uses 24VDC, so it should be wired to the NAC circuit on the 4010.

The IDNET loop is for initiating devices, such as addressable pulls and smokes, or monitor modules such as IAMs and ZAMs. This is called a Signaling Line Circuit (SLC), and alternates between power for the devices and digital communications between each device and the panel. This cannot be used to power notification appliances, so the strobe should not be wired here.

Thank you kcin556 for your enlightening response. Now all my speculations are clear. I will now change my speaker strobe with a sounder strobe for it to work. Thank you!